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Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

Pulse laser cleaning machines are advanced tools used for removing contaminants, rust, paint, and other unwanted materials from various surfaces. These devices offer a precise, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods.Scotle supplies pulse laser cleaning machine as follow

pulse laser cleaning machine
50W/100W/200W/ 300W/500W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Fiber laser cleaning machine
  • Can remove rust, paint, and coatings from any surface, leaving them gleaming like new. 
  • High precision and efficiency.
  • Portable laser cleaner with compact design.
  •  Equipped with advanced scanning technology, which can covers a wide cleaning area, making your cleaning tasks easily.
  • Widely used: from industrial equipment to automotive parts.
  • Environmentally friendly, with no need for harsh chemicals. Safe for both you and the environment!
  •  Easy operate: Touch scree 
Cleaning Samples by Our Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
Pulse laser cleaner machine
pulse laser cleaning


Why Select Scotle?

Scotle Technology Group Co. Ltd. , founded in 2006,  is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing for laser equipments such as laser marking machine, laser welding machine and laser cleaning machine. Headquartered in Shenzhen, we also have branches in Huizhou. We are committed to provide high-quality laser equipments and related technical services.

Laser welding machine manufacturer

Our core value

  1. Customer first: focal on our customers’ needs and strive to provide our best.
  2. Innovation: Keep our technology updated according to the market need.
  3. Teamwork: We are a team and working together to provide professional and fast support.
  4. Honesty and responsibility: we are resiponsible for each product made by our factory.

Our core product series:

  1.  Laser welding machine 
  2.  Laser cleaning machine
  3.  Laser marking machine

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Two types: handheld laser cleaner and pulse laser cleaning machine. Both are fiber laser cleaner.


From 1000W to 3000W for your selection

Mold cleaning, paint stripping or coating removal, pre-treatment of parts before spraying.
Aerospace component cleaning, oxides removal pre-treatment before soldering or welding.
Oil pollution and product residues removal, cultural relics cleaning and repair, etc.
Mill scale of hot-rolled steel , light-colored paint and high-temperature-treated paint orcoating are not easy to remove.  

CE, Rohs, SGS, FDA……all our laser welding machine got through the strict test and meet the industry high standards.

We have trademark CNCZONE registered in European, and VAT in Germany and Poland.


Our warehouse, your backyard.

We can ship from our China warehouse by express or sea according to your needs. We also have local warehouse in Germany, Poland, Austrilia, Canada, CAUS , NJUS, and UK.

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